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Extrusion lines for cables, tubes and profiles

Single and multi pay-offs, preheaters, tape pay-offs, dancers, Vertical and horizontal accumulators, capstans, caterpillars, take-ups, , cooling throughs, rewinding lines, length-counters.

Braiding and spiralling machines and their additional equipment as pay-offs, take-ups, taping devices, bobbin winders.

Braiding machines


Automatic and semiautomatic lines for the rewinding of cable from big reels to coils or small spools. Shrinking, packing,  labelling,boxing and palletizing units. Reel tilting units.


Second hand machinery for the cable and wire industry

All kind of spare parts for any make of drawing, stranding and annealing machinery; carbon fiber and composite flyers bows for bunchers, cons and ceramic rings for drawing machines, filters, tubes, bands and contact tubes for annealing ovens, pulleys, belts,  etc....Cable stripping machines.

Multiwires of bare and tinned copper wire. Bunched bre and tinned copper wire. Copper multiwires for braiding bobbins..

Reel pushers driven by compressed air or battery.

Tapes from polypropylene  (PP), polytetrafluorethilen (PTFE), aluminium/ polyester (Al / PETP),aluminium / polyvinyl chloride ( Al / PVC), aluminium / paper, aluminium / polypropylene (Al / PP-S), ID tapes cables, etc..  polypropylene yarns

Plastic reels and bobins of small diameters (upto 300 mm), braiding bobbins

Magnetic brakes for pay-off systems